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What It's Like to Work at The Creative Center - Even if You're Not an Artist

Nathan Blaha loves nothing more than helping make other people happy. As the City Commission for the PHX Fray, Nathan is able to do that on a daily basis. PHX Fray exists to make fun possible for its members, many of whom are recent college grads looking to meet new people in a fun, stress-free environment. The organization and its employees seek to reignite the power of play through social league tournaments, special events and mixers.

With a mission like that, Nathan could not settle for just any type of office environment. Many co-working spaces he had looked into had an uptight, uber-professional environment and lacked the feeling of comfort he wanted to evoke for the events of PHX Fray. Nathan felt they didn’t fit the company’s culture. Then he found the Creative Center in Scottsdale, a 4,000 square foot shared working space for artists, shared workspaces, meeting spaces and event space. It was the perfect fit.

Nathan enjoys how casual and comfortable the Creative Center feels and resonates with the creativity of the artists who are welcoming and vibrant. The people of PHX Fray are always thinking outside the box on how to bring people together to network so the collaborative nature of the space is just what they need. There is plenty of space to rent out for their events like glow yoga and it was a huge hit for their recent happy hour. The Creative Center has also helped with PHX Fray’s marketing efforts by giving them the chance to partner with nearby businesses for events and providing their members a beautiful array of art pieces that serve as fantastic photo ops.

Nathan and PHX Fray plan to change up their Fall Series with beginner yoga classes and different styles of yoga which will be held in the Creative Center event space and have many more fun events planned for the future. If you believe in the power of play, come check it out. For more information on PHX Fray and upcoming events visit To learn more about the Creative Center of Scottsdale visit

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