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Calling All Students: Back to School Rent Special

With back to school in full swing, we are inviting students to join our community with a student-only rate. Pay only $75 monthly (reg. $250) per student for a shared space of four with other like-minded creatives in training.

Our 4,000 square foot co-working space is home to a wide variety of creative professionals and offers students a unique opportunity to collaborate, learn from and network with seasoned experts.

Whether you're an inspiring painter, photographer, graphic designer, writer and beyond, we invite you to establish a space here to complete class projects, conduct group meetings or work on your side hustle.

Grab three of your closest classmates and pay only $75 per month per person. Just think: extra room to work, cram in some quiet study time and get actual face time with your soon-to-be peers.

Email to learn more or call us at 480.415.7013.

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